Beautiful 1920's home decorated on a shoe-string budget

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According to Pop Sugar, when photographer Nicolette Johnson posted these pictures of her 1920's apartment on Reddit, it sent the site into overdrive. I can totally see why. Not only is it filled with warm textures, beautiful vintage furniture, and unique touches. The entire space has been put together on a shoe-string budget too. How inspiring?! ! Let's take a peak....

Home-owner / Photographer Nicolette Johnson


Can you understand the hype?!

Etsy is a great source for finding many of the items you see in Nicolette's lovely home.

I have to say I'm in a bit of a hurry today as I'm busy preparing for my book launch tonight - so exciting, but so much to do eeeeeeeek! I was thrilled to read this review with stunning photos of the book by the talented Emily Quinton today - thank you so much Emily!

Have a lovely day!
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