A Swedish space with lovely warm pools of light

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It's beautifully sunny here today, the sea is all sparkly and I'm itching to go the beach (should I just drop it all and go?!!). Having said that you don't always need to be outside to enjoy the sunshine - take the bedroom in this lovely Swedish apartment for example. You can practically feel the warmth from the pools of light (and as for that chunky knit blanket). I also get a lovely summer vibe from the white linen curtain billowing in the wind and the balcony (perfect for people watching in the sun with one of these!). The rest of the home is pretty fab too, with a perfect blend of indigo, black and white in the sitting room and stunning herringbone floors. All in all, a great home for a touch of mid-week inspiration, don't you think?!

Oh so lovely! Nice work by stylist Johanna Bagge for Alvhem (photography - Alice Johnsson).

A couple of other items I know and love: chunky knit blanket, white linen curtain, Flos 265 wall light and Tom Dixon beat light. Annalena clothing rail (in the corner of the bedroom).  I'd love to know where that beautiful coffee table is from - any ideas?

A few other links I love today:

This 'Outlanders' video about weaver Maryanne Moodie in Brooklyn (what a lovely home!). If you find weaving tricky - you might like this 'no-weave' DIY wall hanging.

19 genius ways to use IKEA products for your garden. And cactus in a children's room.

A shower with a view (not sure I'd dare use it at night, how about you?!). 

How about these this evening?

Have a lovely *sunny* day.
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