Harmony and balance in a Swedish home with green accents

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Green is known for balancing mental, emotional and physical energies (which is why it feels so great to walk in the countryside). This lovely Swedish home combines calming sage green and grey for a wonderful sense of harmony and balance. Imagine coming back here after a hectic day? It's like a true oasis in the heart of the city. Just what I need after a very long day on location here in Copenhagen!


Photos: Anders Bergstedt for Entrance. Post inspired by Dust Jacket with thanks.

 ......And relax!

A few items I know and love: this shop sells lovely linen bedding, grey pouf, butterfly chair (beautiful!). Try here for vintage suitcases. These boxing gloves. Rustic stool and vintage crates.

For a very, very light grey floor (or 'grey-white') floor I like 'Strong White' paint (which I've used on my bedroom floor). 

Other homes with a hint of calming green include this, this and this one.

I'll be on a photo shoot over the next couple of days without a minute to spare so I'm afaid I won't be posting again until Thursday.  Have a relaxed start to the week and see you then!

PS - where I'd rather be this morning....(beautiful feed for anyone who's getting married!). 

PPS I was excited to see an interview with me popping up in a Swedish newspaper over the weekend. 
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