A lovely Swedish studio / outhouse in 25m2

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Hello! Sorry for the radio silence yesterday! Photo shoot done and dusted and I'm happy to be back home tapping away on my laptop in the garden! One day I dream of having an outside space large enough to build a little outhouse to use as a studio, or simply to sit back and drink tea in all day (now wouldn't that be lovely?). Swedish interior designer Pella Hedeby has recently built a white clapboard studio in her garden. And just like her wonderful home, the space is pared back with a monochrome scheme. Wood and cork adds warmth to the over all look and feel, and there's even a loft bed for those afternoon siestas....all in 25 square metres (269 square feet). Inspiring or what?!

Home-owner / styling Pella Hedeby. Photography Sara Medina. My Home.

Could you imagine having somewhere like this to retreat to at the end of your garden? I love how it can be used as a guest house too....

A few items I know from Pella's studio:  cork stool, pick up a vintage stool here (I love this one!), wishbone chair, By lassen candleholder, Japanese cast iron teapot, Gotland sheepskin throw, white linen bedding.

See more pics or Pella's studio here. You can keep up to date with all of Pella's lovely styling work over on instagram or her blog

Other of my favourites include a garden shed converted into a charming little home, and a caravan used as an outhouse.

Have a wonderful day!
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