Your Swedish island retreat?!

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Hello there! Every now and again a little pearl comes up on the Swedish estate agency market (even though in this instance you could say it's a slightly larger pearl).  Situated in Southern Gotland, an island off the east coast of Sweden, the 18th century house has been renovated in keeping with the beauty and natural wilderness of the island using materials such as wood, stone and natural linen. Oh and did I mention the sea view? Are you ready to be 'herrskapet' of a Gotland manor (at the weekends at least....)...?

Fantastic Frank

My favourite room has to be the master bedroom - so simple yet so beautiful.

How about you?

There aren't so many items to pick out from this home (it's waiting for you to put your signature stamp on it!). But to get started - you can source beautiful bed linen and throws in beige, charcoal and white here, I love this vintage bamboo screen and why not throw in a cosy Gotland sheepskin?

You know what's coming don't you? Yup - all my favourite homes on Gotland (and there are so many!) - definitely check out this idyllic swedish island holiday home, a charming, pared-back holiday home, a small island hide-away, and the boho summer home of a fashion photographer.

Have a lovely day! 
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