A beautiful boho cottage (to rent!) in Byron Bay

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Stop the press! I was planning on posting a completely different home tour today. And then this space happened. Everything had to be re-written (even though I've got a flight to catch!). Photographer and stylist extraordinaire Louise Roche recently captured Haveli cottage for Airbnb owner, Heidi (yes, it is available to rent...!). Described as an 'Indonesian & Indian inspired luxe cottage', the boho property is located in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia and is decorated throughout using items from Heidi's iconic shop. As if we needed another excuse to travel Down Under?!

Photographer and stylist: Louise Roche / The Design Villa

Could you imagine spending your holiday here?

Louise also used the cottage as the most beautiful backdrop ever for three of her clients: The Boho Bungalow, Rock Ribbins Eco Gifts and Shima Lifestyle (some of the items of which can also be seen in these pics). She is organising a new collaboration shoot from Port Douglas soon, if you're selling homeware, fashion or jewellery and would like to participate pop her a mail here.

Similar items (I love): jute rug, Indonesian straw bag, Batik cushions.

Other absolutely stunning homes in Australia (in case you missed them) include a light and airy cottagethe retro beach house and a pared-back home in neutrals. And of course, if you don't already - I highly recommend following Australian design blogs Dust Jacket and The Design Files (please feel free to add your blog tips in the comment section below!).

Right. I'd better get packing for my trip to London this afternoon. Go, go go!

Have a lovely day! 
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